Thierry Crouzet

Tweets du mercredi 16 décembre 2009

atchoume RT @crouzet: Édition vs Web : le clash des timing

hexapode @crouzet : I like your vision of information flux

11:26 @hexapode 😉

15:26 @kirkwy 😉 We are going to delete you

kirkwy .@crouzet Cheers for that! Site-Scraping, even with the best of intentions, is seldom a good policy for a first-touch interaction. 🙂

15:35 @kirkwy We got you because our users link toward you… and we just got the first lines of your posts. Delete done.

kirkwy @crouzet Thanks again. If my French was better I might have been able to figure out better what was going on before screaming “Delete Me!”