Thierry Crouzet

Automatic translation from french

Do you know Candice? This is the heroine of one of the most viewed French series , the most exported. Embodied by the actress Cécile Bois Candice is an empathic cop, who resolves business with flair more than by deductions to Sherlock Holmes.

In recent years, Candice lives at home. One day, a guy rings at my door. It was supposed to be in 2013, time of the shooting of the season 2. He explains to me that he is scout and looks for places for a series turned on Sète. "Would you like to rent your house? It is not bad, maybe a little modern compared to what we are looking for, but really not bad, with a magnificent view. "

I do not jump for joy, it surprises him a bit, usually viewers are almost ready for anything to see their inside in a movie. We do not watch TV, even when I happen to be there to talk about one of my books (I mostly talked a lot about I disconnected in 2012, many teams came to the house).

The finder tells me that our living room could be the scene of a crime and that sex scenes could be shot in our room. He asks me if that would bother us. I burst out laughing. Things stay there.

In 2014, he returns to see us. He tells us that he is still thinking about us, that he is waiting for one of the episodes to fit in our frame. He asks us if it still interests us. My answer is pragmatic: "If you pay well. "

In early 2015, he returns. He explains that for season 4, Candice moves, wanting to get closer to Sète. He thinks she could live with us. It makes me laugh. I have never watched the series, but it seems to me that our hypermodern shack is not a provincial cop at all. "We will adapt the decor, we will change the furniture. "

My conditions remain the same. The teams go back and forth, and then one day the production makes us an offer, rather correct. To be honest, renting a house for a series is more than just publishing a novel that does not reach the top of sales. I did not do too hard. For the 2014 school year, my Eratosthenes had fallen into limbo. Posted a few months ago, The Saving Gesture was being translated into a dozen languages, but I had surrendered my rights to a foundation.

The deal was quite simple: four times a year, in May, September, October and January, the house would be used for about a week: two days to transfer our furniture and set the scene, two or three days of filming, two days for put the house back in order.

The decorators landed for the first time in May 2015. Little by little, we got to know each other. From filming to filming, we became almost intimate, drinking coffee on the terrace, having lunch together, talking about everything and nothing.

During filming, we stay at my mom's house. I only go during breaks to feed cats. The first time, what a shock. The house was filled with gear, cameras, searchlights, cables, scaffolding. I prefer not to be present in these moments, when a sixty people hurry home.

I only attended one scene, a day called in emergency because the remote control of a blind had been lost. I only had time to go up the blind. Everyone is silent. Candice was with her children and their dog. I dodged as fast as I could. On the other hand, I like to find teams for meals under the marquee of their itinerant restaurant. It's a big family and, over the years, I've come to know everyone, except the actors.

I never took a step towards them. No doubt I am too proud. I do not know what I could tell them, especially not that I admire them because I have never seen them on the screen. At the same time, our artist side should be able to bring us closer.

I know that Cécile Bois loves home. Besides, everyone seems to like it. Sometimes I hear fans of the show talking about who do not know it's at home. My house has also become Candice's. It even seems that it contributes to the growing success of the series. I dare to imagine that there is a connection between the style of this house and the style of my books, maybe the same light runs through them.

The house is so popular that France 2 decided to shoot live prime time with the actors of the series in September 2019. While the production was preparing the shoot, I was sitting in one of the lounge chairs, I Listened to technical talk, telling me that all this would end up one day in one of my books. I got up, went out, but every time I came back to listen to them, telling me that my house is the place of a fiction that could itself become a fiction.

Everything is romantic finally. I built my house thinking of those of Le Corbusier, but also those designed by Franquin in Spirou & Fantasio . It's a writer's house, with its wall of books, a house to make me a writer, at least to give me the illusion of being.

Maybe all the houses have this vocation to make us the characters of our life. They shape us as much as we fashion them. It's a bit as if by living in the imagination I had attracted the imagination to my home, as if Candice had been trapped in a black hole that I dig for decades and that does not take weight only very slowly. Perhaps I do not live in this house, but only in my texts, that this house is only an element of scenery, since always.

This link between reality and fiction works for me. What is true, what is invented? It keeps asking me this question about My father, this killer , a novel about my father, about our relationship, it's a novel, it could not be a story, I do not believe in the possibility of the story, any narration implies a form of invention, not because it is necessary to simplify, to make intelligible, already to see clearly oneself while writing. So we tell, we even talk about, even my house is a fable, especially since in the image it appears other than it is.

Ma maison
My house
Ma bibliothèque
My library
Ma vue
My sight