Thierry Crouzet

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When I started writing on the bike , I hadn't anticipated that my texts would push me towards a new way of cycling which, in turn, would influence my way of writing. In the matter of a few months, I discovered magnificent possibilities and met wonderful cyclists.

In the past few weeks, I have realized that I have accumulated enough material to a book, where I would tell about my introduction to bikepacking , started in the fall of 2018 while I was living in Florida. It seemed to me that telling my journey, from my trial and error to my first trips, could inspire other cyclists.

So I resumed my texts, reorganized them, restructured and little by little an unexpected narration was imposed, which led me to a discovery: bikepacking is romantic, and that's why I like it so much. It takes our lives and propels them into another dimension just like a good story. I’m still not sure I understood all the consequences of this revelation. I feel that now I pedal to write and that I write to pedal.

This is how was born An introduction to bikepacking . In the title, the article "one" designates an initiation among other possible, each living his own, I did not pretend to write Introduction to bikepacking because I don’t think it’s possible, it’s up to everyone to tell their own. I punctuated with stories of reflections on the art of biking and bikepacking more specifically. It’s also about equipment, setup, camping gear, GPS and mapping, without me writing a practical manual. I tell my choices and explain them. I wanted to read this text to travel by bike.

The readers of my series Born to bike will be on familiar ground, but maybe this new arrangement of texts will open up perspectives for them (for me, it is).

After surveying a few publishers and before their big eyes, "But what is he talking about? ", I decided to self-publish this 260 page book. It is available on Amazon in print on demand for € 18.99, available in ten days on average. You can also buy the ebook version.

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Une initiation au bikepacking
An introduction to bikepacking