How to read

Here are five ways to discover Resistants (the novel to understand everything about microscopic monsters that threaten us).

1/ You like comfort

  1. Sign up on Wattpad.
  2. Click on this link which will take you on Wattpad Resistants description.
  3. Add Resistants to your reading list (the + button).
  4. Each time you return to Wattpad, you will find the book where you left off.
  5. For a more comfortable reading, install Whattpad apps on your phone or tablet. You can easily interact with me and other readers. It is now probably the best way to read online.

2/ You don’t like to register

Read the novel on my blog. It unfolds like a roller and chapters follow one another in chronological order. To resume, click the red “Resistants 1 / n” to displays a table of contents. You can leave comments by clicking the “+” associated with each chapter.

Similarly, you can read the tumblr version of Resistants. Warning: the posts are displayed in reverse chronological order. The advantage of tumblr: you can subscribe and be informed much like on Wattpad.

3/ You are on Facebook

Follow and like Resistants Facebook page.

4/ You dislike social networks

Do not miss any episode by subscribing with your email in the form below.

Every Friday (except delay), you will receive the compilation of the latest episodes. If you have ideas, suggestions, criticism, send them by replying to the email received. Reading does not take more than ten minutes.

5/ You like experimentation

  1. You need an Instagram account.
  2. Then follow Tequila, the heroine of Resistants.
  3. Every day, you will see one photograph with a long caption, but it is difficult to follow a narrative that way. However, this is a good way to share and promote it around you (and this is a way for me to force my writing to this visual and textual format).