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wp2epub generate epub files, ready to publish, for iPad, iPhone and other readers. Just choose the tags, categories or dates to export. It’s done. You are now a bloguer and a writer. wp2epub also export in html, and then you can open with a wordprocessor to convert into PDF or other formats. A good way to backup your blog. Possible integration on each post.

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  1. Eric Blanchart says:

    Bonjour, géniale l’idée de générer des ePub à partir de billets/catégories/tags de WordPress mais systématiquement j’ai ce message : “The following messages were reported:
    WARNING: Your file_get_contents() PHP function is limited. You can have problems with images”. Une idée ou j’abandonne ?

    Merci d’avance,


  2. Tu utilises un PHP bridé… c’est pour ça. Je pourrais charger les images avec une autre fonction mais pas le temps en ce moment. Ton ebup reste valide mais sans image.

  3. Eric Blanchart says:

    Merci Thierry, bon, me voilà bridé alors… 😉

  4. I wish to be able to make an eBook of the entire blog – that is all categories, tags and dates.
    What do I enter in the Tags and Dates fields ?


  5. Nothing, I think is OK!

  6. Frederic says:

    What settings have to be enabled in php to solve this error message ?


  7. Wich One ? You have ton run php5

  8. Frederic says:

    Solved problem for me – as I have to work through a corporate network with a proxy server
    * file_get_contents() does not use the WP_Proxy settings, you have to add the following piece of code (define the function to create a stream context to be passed to file_get_contents()
    class wp2epub{

    function __proxy_getstreamcontext() {
    //function to enable a proxy in fileget contents by generating a stream_context
    $auth = base64_encode(‘loginonproxy:userpassword’);

    $proxy = array(
    ‘http’ => array(
    ‘proxy’ => ‘my_proxy_server:8080’,
    ‘request_fulluri’ => true,
    ‘header’ => “Proxy-Authorization: Basic $auth”
    return stream_context_create($proxy);

    and call it in the three places where you need it
    * the test in function menu()
    $Context = $this->__proxy_getstreamcontext();
    if(empty($opt)){ [email protected]_get_contents(“http://blog.tcrouzet.com/images_tc//2006/12/2010_05_11a-309×350.jpg”, false, $Context);

    * the epub: function make_epub
    $Context = this->__proxy_getstreamcontext(); [email protected]_get_contents($this->localise_file($value),false,$Context);

    * the HTML file – function make_htm_word
    $Context = $this->__proxy_getstreamcontext(); [email protected]_get_contents($this->localise_file($this->imgtab[$i->name]),false,$Context);

  9. I try to updrade the code for others… thank’s

  10. vform says:

    Great plugin. Would you consider an option to sort posts alphabetically in an upcoming release?

  11. Wy not… easy to do 🙂

  12. Old Hippie says:

    I made a 1024×768 PNG file for the cover, it selects OK from my computer, but it never seems to use it in the epub. Everything else I figured out…but this stumped me. Can you help? Thank you!

  13. Jerome says:

    Greetings Thierry

    Thank you for wp2epub. I’ve been using Instant WordPress for local notekeeping, and wanted to get the notes down to the Kindle. Your plug-in, and the great calibre, make an attractive and easily navigable ebook.

    Problem: many of these WP posts have been entered or edited via the plug-ins “Quick Post Widget” and “Front-end Editor”. They’re in plain text, rather than HTML.

    WordPress recognizes the line breaks in plain text when displaying a post. But they’re discarded by wp2epub, which puts all the sentences in a long block.

    Updating the posts in TinyMCE fixes the run-on, but I’m wondering if you’d consider, as an option or an automatic behavior, treating a sequence of one or more blank lines in a plain text post as a single HTML p tag when generating the epub.

    Warmest Regards

  14. TinyMCE coulb be a fabulous option.
    The problemn I have no time to Work on the pubgin now.
    The project is open 🙂

  15. Jerome says:

    Understood. Thanks for the quick reply.
    All Best — J

  16. lynx says:

    I got the same problem as Old Hippie.

    Choosing a PNG file, but it never appears in the ePub! :-/

    How can I change it?

    Everything else is working fine! 🙂 Great plugin!

  17. Hello,

    just tried your wp2ebook plugin. works nice so far, but the pictures won’t be exported 🙁

    Will you ever repair that? Wold be wonderful because I did not find a way to really export my blog correctly. Yours seems to be the one and only…

    Regards, Reinard Schmitz.

  18. I will do it, but when 🙂
    I need myself to expeort my blog… so soon enought

  19. Nice to hear! Merry Christmas!


  20. It’s there the new 6.0 (proixy ok, cover ok…) and more comming…


  21. Will try it within the next days, thanks!

  22. Mister Pamp says:

    Salut Thierry Crouzet, je voudrais aussi transformer mon blogue pour voir ce que ça donne mais je n’y arrive pas : une fois que j’ai téléchargé ce fichier, tu sais ce que je dois faire ? Je précis que j’ai un niveau intermédiaire en informatique.

  23. La meilleure façon de l’installer c’est aller dans la page plugin de WP, de chercher le plugin, de l’installer…

    Si tu préfères le télécharger, il te faut après le décompresser et télécharger le dossier wp2epub dans ton dossier plugin (mais la première méthode est de loin préférable…)

  24. Mister Pamp says:

    J’ai bien compris ta réponse Thierry Crouzet mais ce blogue est complètement hébergé par le serveur de wordpress, je n’ai rien dans mon ordinateur… Est-ce que ça peut fonctionner quand même et par quel salutaire truchement ? Merci de ta réponse et de ton auguste célérité.

  25. Je crois qu’il est impossible d’installer des plugins sur les wordpress hébergés chez WordPress

  26. Mister Pamp says:

    Réponse un peu moins rapide que la précédente mais très claire. J’aime ton franc-parler Crouzet et je te loue pour ça. Merci et bonne aventure à toi (pense à enlever ta casquette de temps en temps pour ne pas trop suer des cheveux, au bout d’un moment ça peut sentir et ça connote bizarrement la suite de l’aventure).

  27. It was a big stupid bug… the database was not installed on new instances… 🙂 I think it is fine with 0.65 realease…

  28. cipha says:

    Salut Thierry!

    The version 0.65 does not work for me anymore: I am able to create the epub, but there are only the titles and dates. :-/

    Pages are empty, no content anymore.

    Tested with WP 3.5.1 and 3.6.

    Merci pour ton travail!

  29. As soon as I have time… I try to fix that.

  30. cipha says:

    @Thierry: Yeah, time, our enemy #1! I know that! 😀

    Just a hint: I already tried to exchange some -> with _ in wp2epubclass or something. Which seemed to fix all of my errors which php gave me.

    I also was able to get an epub which seemed to have the right size. Unfortunately, I could not open my generated epub. :-/ All of my epubs on the start page of the plugin were not openable anymore… Had only the numbers of my generated epubs, titles were gone, epubs were not clickable anymore…

    Maybe that helps.


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